Cover Reveal: Beyond the End of the World! 📚

Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner's newsletter.

Amie: Welcome to our newsletter’s new home — and just in time for an exclusive cover reveal! It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch, but we promise we’ve been busy with some exciting stuff!

Meg: This is true. We’ve had our heads down drafting, polishing and perfecting the sequel to The Other Side of the Sky — which we can now reveal is titled Beyond The End of the World!

Amie: This series is a duology, so the whole story will be wrapped up in Beyond The End of the World—and for those who (like us) always have a hard time remembering what happened in book one, rest assured there’ll be a recap in the front to remind you where we left things.

Meg: Let’s share the cover first, and then share what we’ve been up to. Everyone’ll just scroll down to the cover anyway, otherwise. I mean, I would.

Amie: I can’t argue with that.

Cover reveal: Beyond the End of the World

Meg: When we first saw the cover for book on in this series, The Other Side of the Sky, our jaws dropped. It was the most beautiful book cover we’d ever seen.

Amie: I was out to dinner with a group of authors when it came in, and when I showed them the cover on my phone, the waiter came over to check everything was okay, because every single person started screaming. I’m not even kidding.

Meg: So when it came time to see the cover for Beyond the End of the World, we were weirdly nervous. The first cover had been so, so good. How could the second live up to it?

Amie: Then we saw it. And it was glorious. In book one, North falls from his gleaming, technologically advanced city in the sky to Nimh’s world of magic and prophecy below — and discovers he’s a part of one of her prophecies. In book two, they’ve learned about each others’ worlds, and the line between technology and magic has blurred a lot.

Meg: The cover captures those blurring lines beautifully, and the color palette is *chefs kiss* — oh, and the bindle cat has a starring role. Are you ready to see it?

Amie: Here we go, niiiiice and big so you can admire it with us…

Meg: We adore it — and you can preorder it right now, so it’s delivered to your door in January, just in time for your post-holiday lazy reading. US sites are up now, and Aussie sites are coming soon!

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Amie: In future newsletters we’ll talk more about the plot of the book, and talk about what it was like to write it—especially since we weren’t able to get together in one place to brainstorm and outline, as we usually do.

Meg: It was an experience, drafting this book, and no mistake. But worth it in the end.

What we’ve been up to…

Amie: Okay, on to non-cover-reveal things! Let’s catch everyone up on what we’ve been up to, apart from drafting and editing Beyond the End of the World. Insofar as we’ve had lives outside that mammoth task. What are you watching right now?

Meg: I watched Ted Lasso like you told me to! The first couple of episodes I was all, 'okay, I see why you like this' and then suddenly I was in and I watched the whole rest of the season in one sitting.

Amie: That's exactly what we did, finished at 1am. Sat down to watch one episode, and somehow never stood up again. I’m very excited for season two this July!

Meg: What about books, anything on your nightstand right now?

Amie: We’ve been spending a lot of time at screens, so I’ve mostly been reading via audio, recently. Right now I’m reading One Summer, America 1927 by Bill Bryson, which is a biography of a moment in time when Charles Lindbergh had just flown the Atlantic, Babe Ruth was having the season of a lifetime, and the world was getting ready to tip from the Roaring Twenties to the Great Depression. Bill Bryson has a knack for making everything interesting. But speaking of interesting, now we’re both vaccinated, I don’t suppose you’ve been… outside?

Meg: I HAVE! AND IT WAS GREAT! Obviously we’re still being careful and thoughtful, but the warm weather is arriving here, and it’s been so, so good to be able to catch up with friends. July’s going to be a great month.

Amie: I’m taking July offline to finish up my draft of a new story I’m calling Isles Book—more on that in future newsletters—and spend some time with my family. But I’m already itching to get back in August and get to work on our next book.

Meg: More on that in a future newsletter too! Is there anything else we should be telling everyone?

Amie: I just wrapped season two of my podcast, Amie Kaufman on Writing — every episode answers one question about writing craft, from the point of view of both readers and writers. All the episodes are ten minutes or less, and there’s also no swears and no ads, so teachers can use them. 😇

Amie: And because I’m a giant dork, I’ve been keeping track of the countries where it’s hit the charts, too.

Meg: Give me the list.

Amie: *takes a deep breath* The USA, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Norway, Ireland, Russia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Lithuania, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Japan and Singapore. And a few more I lost track of somewhere along the way.

Meg: NICE!

Amie: Thank you! ❤️ I think that’s probably it for this newsletter — it’s nice to be back in the saddle again!

Meg: It is! From now on we’ll be sending out newsletters in this more casual style, catching everyone up on what we’ve been up to, and sharing any news we’ve got about new releases, events, or anything else. Until next time, take care, everyone!

Amie: And thanks for reading! Oh, and let’s drop these preorder links for Beyond the End of the World here juuuuuuust, one more time. And then we’re out!

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